Why BuzzFeed Quizzes Are Not Cool Anymore

If BuzzFeed was a store it would be Wal*Mart. Or maybe Goodwill since most of their articles are hand-me-downs and taken from other sites.

But what’s really annoying is how obsessed everyone is with their quizzes. Are you living a lie? Which Disney princess are you? What is your purpose in life? How basic is your baby? (yes, these are all real quizzes)

And sure, they are a great way for you to pass time as you sit in your 9-5 work cubicle, listen to a lecture, wait for the birth of your child, or wait in line at Chipotle, but that is no excuse.

I’m really tired of these quizzes popping up on my newsfeed. And I know we are the generation that likes things instantaneously and since we’re all self-absorbed, of course we want to take a quiz that reveals something about ourselves that we can share with others, that is about ourselves.

But let’s breakdown the logic behind why these quizzes are as lame as your parents:

Should I Go To Class?

Your Parents Post Them

Let’s just start here. Remember growing up and being totally embarrassed when your parents tried to act “hip” by using the same lingo as you and your friends? “I’m not like a regular mom. I’m a cool mom.” Well this now entitles them to sharing buzzfeed quizzes. So, hey, guess what? You and your mom both got Cinderella for which Disney character are you! Amazing.

They Take Up Everyone’s Newsfeed

Sure, we all have annoying crap that shows up on our Facebook newsfeeds, but nobody likes to see the same dumb quizzes over and over. Also, who actually has time for these? I just want to scroll down and see pictures of Ryan Gosling wearing a t-shirt of Macaulay Culkin wearing  a t-shirt of Ryan Gosling wearing a t-shirt of Macaulay Culkin (hardest name ever to spell btw).

It’s Grounds For Dismissal

You’re walking a fine line here. A person can only take so much before you get deleted. Almost like birthdays for me. Does anyone else use the birthday reminders on Facebook as a way to delete people? Oh, it’s Hunter Adam’s birthday today? Who dafuq is Hunter Adams? Delete. It’s very effective.

Should I Go To Class?

It Shows That You’re Currently Not Doing Anything Important With Your Life

How much of a New Yorker are you? Oh, you were able to check off 55 things out of 100, but it took you a week to respond to my email? Fail. Maybe you should be checking other things. That are maybe more significant. Say for example, oh I don’t know, your gmail account. Or your hotmail, aol, yahoo account  if you’re still stuck in the 90’s- not sure if you are though? There’s a quiz for that. Don’t worry.

The Topics Are As Pointless As You Sharing

I don’t care which house you’re meant to live in, which city you should be living in, or which famous celebrity you need to marry. No. One. Cares.

Bottom line though, BuzzFeed quizzes are not fetch. They never were. And to be completely honest, if you have enough time in your day to be filling them out then maybe we shouldn’t be friends…nah I’m totally kidding. I’ll keep you so I can laugh and see which dumb quizzes you decide to take.



photos: tumblr


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